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For over 10 years I have collected pixel art from all over the web. Now I want to share it all with you ♥ It all began on The Palace Chat for me. I loved creating little avatars to wear there. I learned how to draw little people, one pixel at a time. Now I create and collect, all kinds of pixel art. I use Paint Shop Pro 8.lol. Below are all my web pages, they hold most of my art and here on this page I will put my entire pixel collection. I hope you get as many uses out of it as I have! When I am finished adding my pixels, I will add tutorials. If you would like to chat I am usually on worlize.com/avatars

email me  Violablu@aol.com

I have a lot of cool web pages I have made.
This page has the best, cutest, free web page counters! I made these all myself, because I could never find cute counters anywhere!
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This is my Top Site. Fabulous Sites for Girls

Free site. Lots of good web pages are here =)


My Photo and Music Blog


This is my cartoon doll maker page. It has all the dolls I drew, in doll makers with 4 skin tones and tons of pieces.



Here you can download stuff form IMVU, profile themes and lots of other things! Stuff here works on home pages and profile pages of all kinds. Lots of cute images, and falling objects! Also find tips for using IMVU

CandieCoded ~FREE~ MySpace Codes



This is my Facebook Cover page. It has lots and lots of facebook covers for girls! I made some, my friend made some, and you can make and add your own if you want!

                    under construction


My worlize page. I have 3 worlds on worlize. It is a 2d chat page that is free to join. You get to make your own free world when you join also! Its the new palace. My page has a lot of downloads you can you in worlize, room backgrounds, props, avatars, and objects!

Sims 4 Updates

Sims 4 updates and Must haves

Candie Sims 4

All of my Sims 4 creations, I make a lot of cute things... and hair



I share this page with 2 of my friends. It is mostly patterns, rugs, and paintings for the wall. There are a few sims and houses also =)


this is like pinterest for sims =)




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Random Candie


The Pixel  Fairies =)
I love Fairies <3 and these may bring you good luck!

  Halloween Pixel Cartoon Dollz
  Cute Halloween pixels!

 Christmas Cartoon Dollz
  Cute Christmas pixels!