Hello Kitty Pixels & More


                          My entire Hello Kitty collection!  If you are a fan, you are in the right place.



I have been a Hello Kitty fan since I was 10 I think. I have collected a lot of things. In real life and on the internet.  Here is everything I can share... I think I have the largest selection of Hello Kitty web stuff.

this part of my page is under construction. I am moving everything to here from another page and will go as fast as I can!


Hello Kitty Fonts

I have found 2 so far. They are perfect!


Hello Kitty Wallpaper

Lots of them!



Animated Hello Kitties with codes

HTML Code:








Random Candie

  Disney Cartoon Dollz
  Cute Disney dollz! Mickey and the gang, Cinderella, Aladdin, Peter Pan, and more!











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