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Cute Pixel Graphics & Props & Backgrouds

this is where all the theme stuff is!


This is the most popular part of my site, lots of hidden gems....



 Girly Ipad Wallpaper




My Home made picture tubes / poser tubes!

Paint Shop Pro Poser tubes made from dolls I drew


I moved my Hello Kitty Fan page to here. More hello kitty downloads that any other page I have seen. Hello Kitty Calendars, counters, animations, web page codes, and more.


Windows Icons

These can be used as regular icons , web page icons, or even favorite icons.... The icon files are in zip files or you can copy the images




Windows Desktop Themes

Just a few wallpapers and matching icons I made years ago.




Windows Halloween  Wallpaper

Just a few wallpapers I made years ago.




Windows Kaleidoscope Wallpaper

I was just having fun with these, they turned out good =)

these are Christmas trees.




Seamless Animated Glitter fills

These can be used for many things, I was not sure if they should go with web page goodies or with pixels.

Anyway I use them for glitter text generators.

Large collection and many I made.  




Pixel Collections

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The Pixel  Fairies =)
I love Fairies <3 and these may bring you good luck!





My Worlize Page of stuff and help

On Worlize you and your friends can chat in beautiful, 2d, customizable worlds. This page will help guide you. I have tons of pixels that you can use in worlize, so Check it out. Its new and you can make your own world and you and your friends can chat there. Lots of stuff on my page are good for worlize, so I gathered them together on this page to help you out!


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