Paint Shop Pro picture Tubes


        Here you can start browsing my picture tube collection! These are all doll that I drew.

Click here to learn how to install a Paint Shop Pro picture tube

You can purchase my tube sets with pay pal. My company name shows up as One Love....

Once you buy them, you can do whatever you want with them =) If you have questions, feel free to email me at










 When you make these larger, they look like the ones in my Top Page banner.


Charlotte Tube Set


This Set includes 6 png files and 6 psp tube files


Claire Tube Set

5.00$ This Set includes 7 png files and 7 psp tube files


Blythe Tube Set

7.00$ This Set includes 8 png files and 8 psp tube files

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Random Candie

Pixel Cartoon Dollz

Many types! Some I drew, Some I collected over the years. Some of the more popular cartoon dollz are Say Club, Buddy Buddy, Daum.

 Re-Think 3 months of Economy Hosting for $1.99/mo.