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I have some really cute web page goodies. Falling objects, Calendars, Cartoon Doll Tables, Cartoon Doll Web Page Counters, Hello Kitty Web Page Counters, Favicons, and some other stuff. ALL FREE for you to use.



  Web Page Calendars for your page

Simple codes you paste into your page. Today's date is in bold.




Favicons show in your browser bar, and in your favorites. They are easy to install.



Falling Objects

 Falling Objects are cute tiny graphics that fall from the top of your web page like rain, as decoration.


Cartoon Doll Tables


 Doll  Tabels

are a cool way to spice up your blog or forum posts.


  you can edit them and put any text in them that you want.


fun and easy to use, all I ask is that you keep my links in tact. I am hosting the backgrounds on my server.


Web Page Cursors

Here you can start browsing my cursor collection!
these do not work on Google chrome, I hope they change that. So it is best to view this page in IE. These do not work with my web template either so they pen in a pop up window.

  Click here to open window


Seamless Animated Glitter fills

These can be used for many things, I was not sure if they should go with web page goodies or with pixels.

Anyway I use them for glitter text generators.

Large collection and many I made.  



Hosted Seamless Web Page Backgrounds




Web Page Counters

Hit Counter



 Simple Referral script

it lists and links back to any page that links to you

  script bellow , paste into your web page.
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Glitter Text Maker

hundreds of glitters and fonts to choose from


Web Page Templates


My Web Host

I host my site with godaddy. I love them. They always call me if there is a problem, and when I call them I always get a real person! If you get the deluxe plan and pay for a year, you get a really good deal. Yahoo web hosting charges 20$ a month.....

 Re-Think GoDaddy.com. 3 months of Economy Hosting for $1.99/mo.



The Pixel  Fairies =)
I love Fairies <3 and these may bring you good luck!



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