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Last Update06/24/2015


♥I became an Avon Lady and I am looking for online customers♥


My name is Violablu and I am an Avon Lady <3 I am a stay at home mom of a 7 year old little girl. I have 15 web pages to keep up with and I need a little extra money to help me pay for them all!!!


SayClub Girl Dolls

200 new dolls added


SayClub Boy Dolls

200 new dolls added

Christmas Things

Christmas Dollz


Peace Cartoon Dollz



Candie Coded Patterns

Candybar Doll Tables

for web pages


SayClub Dolls

I added 45 pages of SayClub dollz!

 Seamless Tiles and Patterns

located under pixel art!

41 pages of beautiful seamless tiles and patterns!

Check out the magazines I made!

 Sims 3 Stuff  ♥

Me and 2 of my friends are making a sims 3 site!

So far I have added patterns for Sims 3. I just got the game =)

Moved my Hello Kitty Fan site to here

I have all kinds of Hello Kitty stuff here for you to download, or use on your web page. Even some coded stuff. I am still going to be adding some more stuff tomorrow.

Hello Kitty Web Page Counters

 Hit Counter

New Little People Dollz  ♥

My Home made picture tubes/ poser tubes!

I made these with some of the dolls I drew. 3 sets so far. I am selling these to help pay for this site =)

My Facebook Group

Web Goodies - Added 2 pages of falling object scripts, and some favicons


The Sims 2

I moved all my downloads from my The Sims 2 site to here so I can close my The Sims 2 site.


Cute Web Page Calendars

Over 50 to choose from!

Pixel Art - Added some desktop themes, and some cute wallpapers I made a long time ago.  Halloween Wallpaper! I added a bunch of windows Icons that are so cute ♥

Girly IPAD backgrounds





Furniture & Theme stuff -  I added school items, Toys, and the most wonderful Fruit furniture!



Halloween Stuff -Halloween stuff in one place, icons, wallpapers, falling objects, cartoon dollz....


My Worlize Page of stuff and help - On Worlize you and your friends can chat in beautiful, 2d, customizable worlds.



So if you put a link to my page on your page, and someone clicks on it, Your page will show up in the referrers box at the bottom of my page. Kind of like a link exchange!