Furniture & Theme Stuff


                                  Here you can start browsing my theme furniture collection!

I use these in, you can build your own world there for free and chat in it. These make good props, avatars, and objects!


You can use these to make post cards, themes,,, and whatever you can come up with. In two categories.

Scenes             Rooms



Houses and Buildings


Theme People

Little people that go with themes. Most of them are doing things.


Little People Dollz

Little people Dollz. All kinds! These are from the Dollz section of may page, but I thought they can be used here also.

I think I got these from   peachies-collection




Outdoor Theme Furniture

stuff you can use outside, pick nicks, camping, gardens, and more!


Water Park Theme Stuff

 All kinds of water themed stuff, beach, pools, toys, and beach people.



Mall Stores Theme

Fashion stores, arcade, food court, plant shops, Shopping in general...


House Furniture

more coming soon


Spa LaLa Theme

Spa and Candy shop items


Windows & Doors



Bathroom Furniture

lol that's right!


Fruit Theme

Cute fruit themed furniture


Disney Theme

Backgrounds, characters, people, furniture, and more


School House Theme

Everything you need to start a school.


Sports Theme

All kinds of sports people and equipment.



toys and balloons

 from peachies-collection


Baby Things

Babies and their stuff




oriental themed furniture


Butterflies & cute Bugs









Random Candie


The Pixel  Fairies =)
I love Fairies <3 and these may bring you good luck!

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My Worlize Page of stuff and help

On Worlize you and your friends can chat in beautiful, 2d, customizable worlds. This page will help guide you. I have tons of pixels that you can use in worlize, so Check it out. Its new and you can make your own world and you and your friends can chat there. Lots of stuff on my page are good for worlize, so I gathered them together on this page to help you out!



 Make Moments Magical with the Disney Showcase Collection from